Gary Rosema  (Zimbawe 1971).

Gary Rosema, born in Zimbabwe in 1971, has lived in South Africa for 20 years, where he studied Architecture, Architectural Drawing, Interior Design, Carpentry, stone carving and metalwork. He worked for four years in a artesan workshop manipulating materials such as resin, cement and bronze objects creating special effects for the film industry world and objects for architectural restoration. During the past 12 years has lived in various cities in Europe.

The characteristic style that defines it is "Rustic-Industrial".


Giovanny Páez (Quito, Ecuador)

Is an ecuadorean interdisciplinary visual artist and curator based between Germany and Spain. His practice concerns with the manipulation and appropriation of text, images and environments, through a variety of forms including print, installation, sculpture, sound and performance. His works explore the possibility of constructing a narrative whose aesthetics sample from everyday objects based on autobiographical experiences while addressing the spectacle nature of the artwork itself, so work ranging from minimalist sculpture and media installation to photography, painting and performance video work.

Jaime Font (Logroño).

lives and Works in Barcelona. Sculptor of training, hi work is discussed of nature or man-made, wich chooses the deformed and created. His work explore the possibility of creating an aesthetic debate between the viewer and the work. In an abstract concept. Working a seductive and subtle aspect of the piece. His work also have languages autobiographical construction. Creating a narrative based on personal experiences and thoughts.

In its installations critical social work, environment and territory. The manipulation of man in contemporany habitat. The ability to act naturally in appearance and concept by modifying the outcome. Sometimes with public involvement must manipulate and change the outcome work.